We must have heard a lot that girls just need partners who have money. But with this blog i am trying to break this common myth by explaining what are the 7 things that today’s girl actually wants to tell what she needs from her partner

  1. I am well educated, opinionated and a mature girl so please treat me like one. Don’t underestimate my capabilities.
  2. Just because i am girl, don’t assume that i must cook. God didn’t give any predefined roles to genders neither should you. I cook because i love to feed you not because it is my duty.
  3. You money and diamonds never lure me. I can earn them for myself. It is your love, support and trust that i need from you.
  4. Respect my parents the way i do yours. My parents are as important to me as yours are to you. I wont stand any disrespect for my family.
  5. Spending time on myself to look better is my own choice. Don’t judge me when you see me wearing pajamas, you t-shirt and loose bun. Love me for the person i am not for how i look.
  6. Don’t laugh on my crazy dreams and desires. I chose to share them with you not for you to think me as an immature person but because i trusted you with¬† them and want you to be part of it too.
  7. Respect me not just in front of the world but in your heart too. Never think me lesser than you in any manner.

If you bide by these things i can promise you, I’ll be the best life partner you could ever think of. Just like the saying “Treat me like a Queen and I’ll treat you like a King”