Being Jealous without any guilt

You would be lying if you say that you never got jealous. Yes, i get jealous from my friend when he/she scores more than me, buys a new dress before me and when my sibling gets more pampered . I am sure you would have felt the same. There is nothing to feel guilty about, it is completely normal. That’s how god made us, so that we can try to improve ourselves. According to me it is injustice with the word “Jealous” for always using it in negative way. “Jealousy” according to me is- The self-realization of being not as good as the other person is. This is the first step of our betterment, so let’s give this word a little respect by not feeling guilty for being Jealous.

After realization of our scope of improvement there are 2 ways in which people respond, first by criticizing or harming the one who are making us feel jealous and second by trying hard to improve ourselves. It is our responsive action after Jealous that makes the difference. Unfortunately, people reacting according to the former scenario are more hence, giving bad reputation to the poor word. We can take the responsibility to improve the image of this word and try to bring it up in the category of motivational synonym. Pic credits –
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2 Responses to Being Jealous without any guilt

  1. Mehak says:

    Well said !

  2. Naveen says:

    Inspiring thoughts.. good… all the best..

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