Does weight of pocket decides the blessings of God?

It’s been very long since I wrote. I always write when something triggers my thoughts and this is what exactly happened recently. I happen to be a part of a religious ceremony in a local temple. My mother in law joined me as well. As expected, temple was very crowded. We found 2 seats in the last row only. Everyone was chanting and the environment was very religious.
Now, first I’ll give you an analogy where patients are waiting to see a doctor. Then receptionist comes and asks for donation in order to see the doctor. Mind it, doctor has no clue of this, in fact he offers his service for free. But receptionist says that highest paying patients will see the doctor first. Does it sound fair? That is how exactly I felt in the temple. Priest came and ask for donations in very shameless way. I was shocked when he literally asked to take out the gold chains and ear rings that we are wearing to donate it to them. And to my surprise some people did give away. It didn’t end there, after waiting for 2.5 hours, they finally were prepared to showcase newly established god’s temple but the priest asked first the sponsors to come and get the first peek who donated 20-30k dollars. Does any religion mentions that the blessings are given in the order of your wallet weights? It is the man made business that runs on the name of religions.
Unfortunately, it is us who encouraged their greediness. I remember at one point the priest mentioned that he didn’t want to commercialize the religion but that’s what exactly what he was doing. People like us, who came just to see the god without money bags were sitting there and were made to clap for the sponsors. It was the most ridiculous experience I ever had at any religion place and I commit not to put myself in this situation ever again.
The fact is that the doctor(God) never asked for these donations then from where did this receptionist (priests) came in this whole picture? And we let them be a link between us and God. By offering donations to such parties we are demeaning our spirituality. Religions don’t value the weight of our wallets but businesses do. It is up to us to keep our religion sacred or let it be a part of business that only works for monetary gains. Even God must be sadly watching this business that runs over his name and must be regretting for even starting “Religions”.
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2 Responses to Does weight of pocket decides the blessings of God?

  1. Rama Sharma says:

    It’s really great information. I assume that helping someone or never pain someone is equal to worship of god.The way of your thinking is Realy amazing.Keep it up

  2. Kendra says:

    I love this!!! These are my sentiments exactly. I have visited a church that passed the collection plate around 3 times in one service. “If you don’t give $$, dig deep down into your pockets, at least 10% of your salary, then you are not living by Gods word” it’s sad and is in fact more of a business than a sacred place. I believe in and worship God, I do not worship temples/church’s or those leading the church’s/temples

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