Let the butterflies fly away

I still remember the time when in childhood I used to chase butterflies. There was an immense happiness in me when I held those butterflies. The company of that beautiful creature of god for a fraction of seconds was enough to bring smile on my face and with the feeling of contentment I would let them go. How easy it was, right? I am sure many of us must have done this.
Now try to replace butterflies with the number of people we come across in our lives. We meet people, like them, chase them and for some time we even manage to get their company but when they leave why do we feel upset? Why we never felt this feeling of loneliness in our childhood when butterflies would fly away? Were we mature in our childhood and not now? Each and every single person that we meet in our life has some purpose. Some come to gives us happiness, some to teach us a lesson, some come to get happiness from us and that’s their per-defined role in our lives. When their role is done, they leave us. They MUST leave us. So why can’t we just let them go with a smile and no regrets? Why keeping grudges against those who couldn’t keep up with our expectations? Very important thing I learned is, ‘Change is the law of life’. Things which you have today won’t be there tomorrow. Enjoy the company of your friends, be grateful to those who bring smile on your face, be thankful to those who teach you a lesson because one day their role will be finished and they will go. I believe I have grasped this thought completely. I am thankful to everyone whom I met in my life and with whom I am living my life presently. One day our tracks will differ and we will have to let those people go. We will have to let the butterflies fly away, with a smile 🙂 .
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