Minimalism in not everyone’s cup of tea.

I follow various blogs and pages on Minimalism. Let’s start with the definition of minimalism- living with the minimum things which are just sufficient to spend your life. Not collecting stuff which is more than your needs and just helps you to support your superior lifestyle.

We live in a world where we need validation on everything that we do. Let me try to explain this using couple of analogies:

1. Some people donate. Not to help others but to tell others that they donated and having their names on donation list.

2. Some people study. Not to gain knowledge but to show others their certificates.

3. Some people care. Not as a genuine gesture but to talk about the favor they did.

When we live in a world where everyone is trying to validate their actions, it is very hard to go against the society and choose not to tell others what we have got/done.

Minimalism requires lot of courage to go against the judgement of society and make choices that makes sense to you. We can achieve minimalism by many ways-

1. Don’t be tempted to buy things from hacks video which shows to simplify your work.

2. You absolutely don’t need 10 pairs of shoes.

3. If you buy an expensive dress just to wear on one special occasion- you clearly put validation above the value of money.

4. Don’t hold Grudges, jealousy and hatred for others. You will achieve emotional minimalism by doing this.

5. A room full of stuffs that we ~might need someday~ tells the story of how far we are from minimalism.

We all are guilty of cluttering including me. But I know when I say NO to something which is not my necessity but just a pleasure, I feel so contempt and complete under my own control.

So tell me how do you gain minimalism in your life? If you haven’t done yet, when are you planning to start?

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