Not So Desi Browns is a platform dedicated to all South Asian ethnic people who want to call out and put an end on all the things which are wrong in the culture to create a better future for coming generations.

The page meaning?

Desi (/ˈdeɪsi, ˈdɛsi/; [d̪eːsi]) is a word used to describe people who do things in a traditional way. Not So Desis are the people who challenge orthodox traditional things and want to create a liberal society where equality is the birth right of everyone irrespective of their gender, race, occupation and age. We are the feminists and patriarchy breakers.
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Blog Posts

Why am I turning an Atheist?

At some point in our lives we are asked about our religion. On the basis of our religion choices, we are judged for having a definite mind set. As if looks, financial status, choice of

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Things that you will recall by the end of 2017

With the passing of each year, we as a human being, grow in many aspects like socially, mentally, carrier wise and physically(hopefully not growing the weight :D). The pattern is so similar that things that

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When was the last time you thanked God?

There are many times when we express how sadden our lives are. We always compare our situations to others and think how everyone is happy with their lives but us. As human beings, we always

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Let the butterflies fly away

I still remember the time when in childhood I used to chase butterflies. There was an immense happiness in me when I held those butterflies. The company of that beautiful creature of god for a

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