Not So Desi Browns is a platform dedicated to all South Asian ethnic people who want to call out and put an end on all the things which are wrong in the culture to create a better future for coming generations.

The page meaning?

Desi (/ˈdeɪsi, ˈdɛsi/; [d̪eːsi]) is a word used to describe people who do things in a traditional way. Not So Desis are the people who challenge orthodox traditional things and want to create a liberal society where equality is the birth right of everyone irrespective of their gender, race, occupation and age. We are the feminists and patriarchy breakers.
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Blog Posts

Being Jealous without any guilt

You would be lying if you say that you never got jealous. Yes, i get jealous from my friend when he/she scores more than me, buys a new dress before me and when my sibling

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