Racism – Is there any end to it?

I find it very hard to manage blogging with my other 2 priorities – work and personal life but this recent incident hit me very hard so that I had to express my views in words. I am talking about a recent incident that happened in Minneapolis, USA, where a police office mercilessly knee choked a black man despite his plead “I can’t breathe” which instantly after going viral, outraged the whole nation.

Before I dive into this incident, let me take a step back and try to explain current situation using one very simple story of 2 friends Bob, Ted, a Bully John and another kid Josh.

There is a boy named Bob in a school. His very close friend is Ted is black. John is a non black kid in their class who considers himself superior than Ted just because his skin is not black. After being bullied by John, Ted expresses his discomfort and decides not to tolerate this any further. Bob who is friend of Ted is also furious and joins Ted to raise his voice. Josh, who is not friends with Bob and Ted, watches this and makes ethical call to stand against the bully. You could be Bob or Josh, just be like one of them and stand against the bully. Just don’t be like Dan who is watching this injustice and still does/says nothing. Dan is nobody and is not part of this whole story.

When we are born, we don’t have any control on things like : Nationality, Race, Features, Color of skin, Gender, Disability etc. These things which are not in our control sadly make us privileged or under-privileged. Few group of people become privileged by taking birth in one race over the other, one nationality over the other , having no disability over being born with a disability. When we see lack of privileges in a certain group, as a part of a diverse society it is our responsibility to be inclusive towards those under privileges group and not to look down upon them. And those who do treat them with hatred, must be shut down.

I always see Racism as an act of some insecure people who make themselves feel superior over others by being taking advantage of their privileges.

This country has seen injustice against black people from decades. We might pretend it doesn’t exist but it does. Some Privileged ones have been bullying them, still bully them and we have been keeping our eyes closed against this racism. Please not anymore. It’s now or never. Our world needs more Love.

I have friends and colleagues who are black and want to tell them we are in this together. It is wrong, I see it and I stand against it. I could be a Bob or a Josh to you but I am definitely not a Dan.



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