Things that you will recall by the end of 2017

With the passing of each year, we as a human being, grow in many aspects like socially, mentally, carrier wise and physically(hopefully not growing the weight :D). The pattern is so similar that things that each year brings to us are basically the same. So here are the things that we think about about at the end of every year and probably will do in the end of 2017 as well.
  • I got the privilege to improve my social circle by knowing many new faces this year. And I know who are the keepers.
  • I lost my contact with someone whom I never imagined to. Though we don’t talk enough but I always wish good for you.
  • I witnessed some of the tragic incidents happening in the world and knowing that some people care about it, restores my faith in humanity.
  • I still remember thinking about how I was the reason of someone’s smile. My kind and unexpected gesture made someone’s day and when I recall that it gives me smile any day.
  • I hurt someone, and I felt guilt about it for so long. But luckily I had the courage enough to apologize for it which makes me feel bit better.
  • I forgave someone which makes me feel so proud of myself. I feel happy that my ego didn’t overpower me.
  • I shared laughter with my closed ones for which I am very grateful. I will cherish those memories for many years.
  • I cried but still didn’t hold any grudges for the one who were the reason. I was able to understand the insecurities/ misunderstanding and circumstances under which that person made me cry.
  • I laugh thinking about the day when I thought all the doors of hope are closed now. I was so silly for not trusting the law of change. I forgot that ONLY the change is consistent.
I could relate myself to all of these at the end of every passed year and i am sure at the same day in 2017 i will agree with these things again too. How about you?
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