When was the last time you thanked God?

There are many times when we express how sadden our lives are. We always compare our situations to others and think how everyone is happy with their lives but us. As human beings, we always think others grass is greener than ours and we fail to recognize that there are many others whose grass is probably dried up and is worse than us.

  • Yes may be you don’t have a car but you have a job which someone doesn’t
  • Yes may be you don’t have a house but you have loving friends who always support you
  • Probably you don’t have friends but you have a loving family who loves you more than anything.
  • And probably you don’t have anything but you have healthy loved ones and healthy you to see this world independently.
We fail to notice that what we have in our lives is something which someone is longing for. Someone is trying hard to achieve what you already have but never thanked for. We always take things for granted in our lives. We need to be thankful for the life that we are living because there are always people who think we are so lucky to have this life. Now take a moment and think what you have today , which if taken can devastate you. Yes, you should be thankful for that thing! You are blessed with many things which others don’t have, we just need to realize and be contempt with it. Be thankful and enjoy you present. Because what you have today , may not be there someday. 10365818_302440133257132_5543297901646609435_n
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