While I may be the first one, but will not be the last

On Nov 7th 2020, we finally got to know US Presidential elections result. My whole family tuned in to watch the victory speech at 8 P.M. from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. We all were psyched for this due to many reasons and one of it was that this was happening in our dear city Wilmington, DE.

I will not talk about Democrats and Republicans here, I just want to share my thoughts around why was this an important moment for all girls!

Kamala Harris, the very First Lady to be in the office started the speech. Not Joe but Kamala. Watching a very confident, smiling, and bold lady (who can forget “Mr. Vice President! I am talking”) blaze a trail for all women who aspire to prove to the world that we are here because we god damn deserve every bit of it, was so thrilling! My key takeaways from her speech are following:

She asked to tell our daughters that there will be times when they will enter a room full of people not looking like them but that’s okay. It’s their chance to break the ceiling for other girls. She opened the office doors for all those girls who dream of it by saying “While I may be the first woman in the office , but I will not be the last one”

Then she thanked women of all races for their struggle to create a better world for a new generation of women. Can you imagine that in a country like the US women got voting rights only 55 years ago because of the 19th Amendment? This shows that things have just started to improve and we all have a long way to go to set a better future for our girls. We are here because of the struggle of women in the past and not we need to rally this torch forwards.

Last but not the least, Doug became the first ever Second Gentleman of US. What a proud moment it is for a lady when a man is identified because of her. I hope for a world where these aren’t firsts anymore! When the headline of the blog will become the norm.

Thank you Kamala for inspiring me and women around the world who were told they can’t do it! By holding each other’s backs, we can make it happen.

To read full script of Kamala-


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