Why am I turning an Atheist?

At some point in our lives we are asked about our religion. On the basis of our religion choices, we are judged for having a definite mind set. As if looks, financial status, choice of food, profession and everything else we do is not enough to judge , we added another judging element – Religion. We constantly thrive to prove our choice of religion superior from others. It is such an irony that the Idea of origin of religions was to bring people together so that we could lead a peaceful life full of love towards everybody but on the contrary, what we use religion today is to get a tag of one religion and bringing other people down from other tagged religions. Today I feel what if there were no tags created at all? What if we only had to believe was the purpose of religion without having to choose any tag? What if Kindness was the only religion in this world? Kindness towards everybody regardless of what religion tag you belong to. On one hand if we go to religious places , do chants and on other hand if we have no mercy for others, we laugh on others and feel satisfaction on others, losses, what is the whole point of being religious at all? If we can’t show kindness towards one person or living creature why do we even do this showcase of our religious chores? If we do this just to prove the world how connected we are to the God and secretly wish bad for others then we are not being anything more than devils under monks’ skin. I am scared what If my religion will bring me feeling of superiority some day then I would rather be called as an Atheist and happily I will choose my religion – Kindness.
My blog is inspired from the raising hatred that we see in the world based on religions, races and nationalities.
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